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Congraulations to Sensei Iizumi on his wonderful DVDs on Soft Judo. The explanations and the demonstrations are expertly demonstrated by both Iizumi sensei and his students. This is an excellent means of learning various techniques of judo and can be enjoyed by one and all. There are various explanations of like techniques that can be confusing to the beginner but are definitely different. Iizumi Sensei takes the time to explain the differences.

Hayward Nishioka, 8th Dan Judo Black Belt, Professor of Physical Education Los Angeles City College.

Jin Iizumi’s Legendary Soft Judo DVD Series covers all of the fundamentals of Judo. Most Judo DVDs gloss over these key fundamentals. All the technical components of the series set it apart from others. Because Iizumi was trained by Mifune (direct student of Kano - Founder of Judo), he has insight others do not. This is shown in his DVD series. It is like having a modern Mifune in DVD form.  Judo using the proper principals should flow effortlessly. Iizumi Sensei has finally produced a DVD series that conveys these ideals in a easy to follow format.

Gary Goltz - 7th Dan Judo Black Belt - Over 40 years of experience in Judo - Chief Operations Officer of the US Judo Association. Gary is in charge of the largest Judo club in the US. 

Jin is the last remaining student of the first true Judo master. He is teaching things that no one else in the US knows. His knowledge and the fact that he is out there teaching is beyond priceless to the Judo world.

Ralph Lisle - 5th Dan Judo Black Belt - 78 yrs old


As a six time World Jiu-Jitsu Champion and a two time ADCC World Submission Wrestling Champion, I strongly recommend the Legendary Soft Judo video series to anyone interested in pursuing a competitive grappling career, or simply learning to defend themselves.

I believe in Iizumi's approach to training, focusing the fundamentals. Without a solid foundation, you cannot hope to reach the highest levels of skill. The Legendary soft judo series takes you step-by-step through the learning process. The level of technical detail shown is exceptional. You will be exposed to the full spectrum of Judo throws, as well as important Judo pins and submission techniques from Shihan Iizumi.

I've been practicing Judo for over twenty years, and to me, Shihan Iizumi's instruction is invaluable. He has become my Judo sensei, and has helped me to prepare for tournament victories. I wish I had begun learning from him years ago. Every serious Judo or Jiu-Jitsu player ought to take the chance to study these DVDs.

Saulo Ribeiro - University of Jiu-Jitsu, San Diego Dojo

The recent "Grass Root" Judo clinic, sponsored and held at the Coastal Judo Club Dojo can only be described as a history lesson. Hosting Sensei Iizumi, San Diego and Sensei Goltz, Goltz Judo Club was an honor for Sensei Kiyama and myself. Other special guests were Sensei Soler, Goltz Judo Club and Sensei Moe, Discover Judo. Over 35 participants participated in this back to basics clinic. Everyone who participated left with something special, that of the history of Judo and was seeing Sensei Iizumi teach "Soft Judo," with such skill and conviction. We anticipate the next visit .

Allen Johnson - Sensei - Coastal Judo Club.

This set of three DVD's contains more than 6 hours of technique demonstrations including throws, chokes, armlocks, and pins with explanations, different camera angles, and slow motion. There are sections pointing out the differences between similar techniques, and there are many combinations and counters included. The DVD series provides an excellent reference for the beginning student, as well as plenty of material for more advanced students. You can easily see why Jin Iizumi is considered truly legendary.


Neil Ohlenkamp - Author of "Judo Unleashed" and the founder of JudoInfo.com the world's largest Judo information site


I walked in on Iizumi Sensei’s class by mistake and began talking then later training with him. I was very impressed with his kindness and interest in me as a person. He has been very generous to me as a student. He gave me personal coaching and went out of his way to ensure I learned the technique properly and mastered it. He even stayed late with me and other students till 11:30 pm! None of us knew the time because it was FUN and we did not want to pass up this opportunity to learn from the BEST.

What was it like? For the first time I understood, really understood, what Judo was. He showed it in its purest form; with ease and gracefulness. He also made it an enjoyable experience. We trained hard but it was never an unhappy experience. It was also great to see his passion for the art. He has probably seen MILLIONS of throws, but he would always smile or laugh with joy and amazement when he saw a properly executed technique. It was also humbling for me because I thought I knew and understood certain techniques, but I was actually applying them with poor timing and poor Kazushi. Despite being older and having a by-pass surgery he never hesitated to get in and demonstrate on actual students, even the 200 LBS ones.

I have been trained by the best instructors on the planet and he is right there on par. I was told by students from other schools that their technique became much crisper and better in a few weeks than it was at their previous school.

I think his techniques are very useful for the competitor. Why? Being a Corporate Consultant for 10 years in the business world for very large companies, has taught me one thing about education: YOU CAN NEVER SUCCEED WITHOUT A FIRM GRASP ON THE BASICS. Not only does he stress the basic throws, he goes even further and shows you WHY those basics work. This is something almost all instructors neglect...That may be because they don't understand them themselves.

Unfortunately, I was only able to train with him for 4 months. In that time I saw that he is a VERY hard worker. Usually he was early and always stayed late. He is VERY generous and went out of his way to help others. He is a very giving man. He did not expect anything back, except for you to learn. Possibly the only thing he wanted back was for you to appreciate life and Judo as much as he does.

After training with him I purchase the Soft Judo DVDs and I picked up things in the video that I had missed in live demonstration with the Sensei himself! It also helps because they show many angles and you can watch them as many times as needed for it to sink in! (I can be dense some times!)

I really enjoyed the Japanese to English translations were very helpful. It was good to hear the proper pronunciation, translation and English spelling.

All the techniques are very easy to understand and were demonstrated with attention to detail. Not only that but the emphasis was on the important details, which only a master can do. The angles and slow motion were one of the best parts. It really illustrates the PROPER technique!

I think anyone practicing Judo would benefit from watching these videos and I especially thing that any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner should watch and DRILL these throws.

The videos are very easy to navigate through. The video quality is EXCELLENT!. I have seen some terrible videos in my day! The audio is also excellent.

Thank you VERY, VERY MUCH Sensei! --- I hope to see you soon!

Jack Taufer - Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Brown in Judo. - Business Consultant

I have studied Judo for over 25 years; as well as many other Martial Art Styles. I have had many Judo teachers over the years. I was always looking for fine precise instruction. I was interested in the subtleties of Judo that add up to the successful execution of techniques. In Jin Iizumi, I found what I was looking for. I have never had a teacher that taught as fine a Japanese style of Judo as Iizumi. His teaching method is excellent. He has allowed me to successfully execute techniques that have eluded me for years. I like the economy of motion and the art of Iizumi’s style of instruction and execution. He really conducts himself in the true spirit of Judo. 

David White - 3rd Dan Judo Black Belt - 40 years in Martial Arts focusing on self defense. Certified in Judo Kata.

I just attended a great clinic with Sensei Iizumi. It was one of the best clinics I've ever attended. Sensei Iizumi is a treasure of Judo knowledge and he wants to share it with people who will pass it on to others. He had several students there and it was very obvious that they really cared about Iizumi sensei and his goal of passing his knowledge on. The folks who weren't there really missed out this time.

Iizumi Sensei is a really interesting fellow. He said that he is more interested in the art of Judo than the sport. He was very focused on application of the fundamental principles of Judo. Iizumi Sensei said you if to do sport Judo and flashy throws that is fine but learn the basics first. He also made a comment about being able to win championships and knowing only a handful of techniques but not being a well-rounded Judo player or being able to teach.

Gregory A. Works – Judo Black Belt - Research Analyst/Grant Writer

I met Sensei Iizumi through my Jiu-Jitsu instructor Saulo Ribeiro who has always stressed the importance of training Judo. I have had the pleasure of working with Sensei Iizumi personally as well as watching his DVD's. He has a wealth of knowledge, which he shares generously on his videos. With over six hours of footage, Sensei Iizumi's Soft Judo DVD's will definitely help take your Judo game to the next level.

Rafael Lovato Jr. - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt - 2007 World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion - Submission Grappling Champion

Iizumi Sensei carries forward the true spirit and original principals of Judo.  His technique is profoundly efficient, the result of a lifetime of dedication and love of the art.  He understands Judo on all levels, from the most basic to the most advanced, and has the rare ability to teach all levels of students.   Every Judoka will benefit from his lessons.  Do not miss the opportunity.

Erick R. Altona - 3rd Dan Judo Black Belt - Former President of San Diego Judo School, Inc. - Involved in Judo for 41 years

Awesome!! The DVD set with Jin Iizumi was extremely well put together. I wasn’t quite sure what I’d be looking for in a judo instructional, so when I saw how clearly it transitioned from an open mat perspective to Jin Izumi giving step-by-step instructions, I was impressed. They covered everything, from learning basic kazushi all the way to advanced techniques. If I were a beginner, I would have been able to build a solid base and as an experienced player, I have been able to build on my base as well as improve my more advanced throws. It seems to me that any person with or without prior knowledge of judo can learn from this series.

I started learning judo about three years ago. I now compete on the black belt level and have spent time training at the Kodokan in Japan. Iizumi’s smooth, technical style matches much of what I was taught there. I was not surprised to learn that the Kodokan gave him the rank of fifth Dan when he trained there so many years ago. I especially enjoyed when Iizumi would be teaching classes and you would get that live atmosphere. It was a nice change of pace. Each throw and position was given considerable time. Usually when encountering instructionals it is the opposite.

This was money and time well spent. I recommend it to anyone hoping to improve there overall game. From beginner to advanced you will find something you were missing.

Bryce Shepard-Mejia – Judo Black Belt Competitor (CA State Champion) – Submission Grappling Champion

During last few days I had a chance to watch the “Legendary Soft Judo” CD’s by Sensei Jin Iizumi, that I had a chance to meet several months ago during my practice at Chula Vista, CA. I have been involved with practicing Judo for 37 years, my rank is 5 th Dan, and I was competing Internationally and also teaching Judo for last 20 years. I had also chance to learn old principals of Judo while practicing for few years with the best Judo masters at Tokyo Kodokan. It was my pleasure to meet one of them, Iizumi Sensei, here in San Diego. I recommend to everyone to watch the DVD set, then Join Iizumi sensei during practice to experience the old school of Judo (Soft Way) with one of the legendary Masters.

The “Legendary Soft Judo” DVD set is one of the best comprehensive collection of Judo instructions, the six volumes cover majority of techniques recognized under the traditional Kodokan program. These are good for students at every level of experience, they cover full spectrum of Judo throws and grappling. Program starts with basics principals shown in DVD #1 Volume 1, navigating you through details of variety of throws including advanced techniques, combinations and floor techniques (Ne waza) shown in DVD #3 Volume 5 & 6. Iizumi sensei and his team scrutinized to the very detail each major section of traditional Judo including standing position techniques; hand, hip, foot, counters, combinations, and variety of techniques that you may apply when forced down to the floor. Outside of the presented technical aspects the program will give you also a chance to learn proper name of each technique with right Japanese pronunciation and English translation.

Sensei Iizumi and his fellow Instructors and students did a superb job presenting step-by-step details of each throw. I enjoyed viewing the same technique from different angles, kind of 360º view that you will never find at any book. In addition to that the slow motion pictures give you time to observe the details of opponent unbalance, entry, and execution of throw. I wish I could have access to such material at time when I started my Judo practice. It was impressive to watch part of video at which sensei Iizumi demonstrate the techniques on the partner that is about three times of his size, it clearly showing how effortlessly it can be done if one apply the proper fundamentals of balance body movement and timing. For these who did not start Judo practice yet but want to be involved, you can watch real classes as each video include a section showing teaching session and part of seminars given by sensei Iizumi. You can clearly see the effort that sensei Iizumi takes to teach you basics of falling that assure safety in initial phase of practice. For these who already started study the principals of Judo DVDs will give a complete source of information that you can apply to either recreational study or competitive career. Overall when you watch the DVDs you can enjoy the gentle and welcoming personality of Iizumi sensei.

Thank you Master Iizumi

Dr. Zbigniew Piec - 5th Dan Judo Black Belt

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