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This is a comprehensive website that should help you to understand more about Jin Iizumi, SOFT JUDO™ and the benefits this martial art offers to practitioners. If you don't see your question or would like to recommend one please contact us.

How do I get promoted from White through Black Belt?

If a student or instructor is interested in affiliation with Iizumi Shihan, Mechling Sensei and the Kokusai Budokan they can write to ALL FIGHTING ARTS for more information. Please make sure a resume and current contact information is included...

Practitioners who would like ranking in Judo should seek recognition from one of the three national governing bodies:

United States Judo Association

United States Judo Inc.

United States Judo Federation

Do I need a partner for practice?

With regard to the DVD series - without a training partner Judo throws cannot be physically trained in the normal way but the instruction is so detailed and concise that many benefit and improve their ability by following along in the air. Studying Judo is a lifelong practice so even if you don't have a partner to train with now don't be discouraged. The instruction is detailed enough that beginners can follow with it together.

How long will it take for my DVDs to arrive?

Generally, however, orders ship in the first 2-6 business days. The guaranteed time is 4-6 weeks.

How can I reach a live person?

Call us if you have a question at (619) 212-2554

How effective is learning from DVDs compared to a school?

These are the only videos for learning SOFT JUDO™. They have the best teachers in our organization featured along with the developer. We have seen excellent results comparable with training in some schools. The results will depend on individual effort, motivation and time devoted to training.

I was wondering how I would go about exchanging a bad DVD?

If one or more of your DVD's or tapes are not functional please send it back with your order number and contact information. See the service section for more information about shipping.

Do I need some special equipment to practice SOFT JUDO™?

No you do not need special equipment. A gi is useful and can be purchased through our store -

How long is each volume of your LEGENDARY SOFT JUDO™ series?

Each of the six volumes are roughly one hour each.

Testimonials | Buy Soft Judo Now!

I met Sensei Iizumi through my Jiu-Jitsu instructor Saulo Ribeiro who has always stressed the importance of training Judo. I have had the pleasure of working with Sensei Iizumi personally as well as watching his DVD's. He has a wealth of knowledge, which he shares generously on his videos. With over six hours of footage, Sensei Iizumi's Soft Judo DVD's will definitely help take your Judo game to the next level.

Rafael Lovato Jr. - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt - 2007 World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion - Submission Grappling Champion

I walked in on Iizumi Sensei’s class by mistake and began talking then later training with him. I was very impressed with his kindness and interest in me as a person. He has been very generous to me as a student. He gave me personal coaching and went out of his way to ensure I learned the technique properly and mastered it. He even stayed late with me and other students till 11:30 pm! None of us knew the time because it was FUN and we did not want to pass up this opportunity to learn from the BEST.

What was it like? For the first time I understood, really understood, what Judo was. He showed it in its purest form; with ease and gracefulness. He also made it an enjoyable experience. We trained hard but it was never an unhappy experience. It was also great to see his passion for the art. He has probably seen MILLIONS of throws, but he would always smile or laugh with joy and amazement when he saw a properly executed technique. It was also humbling for me because I thought I knew and understood certain techniques, but I was actually applying them with poor timing and poor Kazushi. Despite being older and having a by-pass surgery he never hesitated to get in and demonstrate on actual students, even the 200 LBS ones.

I have been trained by the best instructors on the planet and he is right there on par. I was told by students from other schools that their technique became much crisper and better in a few weeks than it was at their previous school.

I think his techniques are very useful for the competitor. Why? Being a Corporate Consultant for 10 years in the business world for very large companies, has taught me one thing about education: YOU CAN NEVER SUCCEED WITHOUT A FIRM GRASP ON THE BASICS. Not only does he stress the basic throws, he goes even further and shows you WHY those basics work. This is something almost all instructors neglect...That may be because they don't understand them themselves.

Unfortunately, I was only able to train with him for 4 months. In that time I saw that he is a VERY hard worker. Usually he was early and always stayed late. He is VERY generous and went out of his way to help others. He is a very giving man. He did not expect anything back, except for you to learn. Possibly the only thing he wanted back was for you to appreciate life and Judo as much as he does.

After training with him I purchase the Soft Judo DVDs and I picked up things in the video that I had missed in live demonstration with the Sensei himself! It also helps because they show many angles and you can watch them as many times as needed for it to sink in! (I can be dense some times!)

I really enjoyed the Japanese to English translations were very helpful. It was good to hear the proper pronunciation, translation and English spelling.

All the techniques are very easy to understand and were demonstrated with attention to detail. Not only that but the emphasis was on the important details, which only a master can do. The angles and slow motion were one of the best parts. It really illustrates the PROPER technique!

I think anyone practicing Judo would benefit from watching these videos and I especially thing that any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner should watch and DRILL these throws.

The videos are very easy to navigate through. The video quality is EXCELLENT!. I have seen some terrible videos in my day! The audio is also excellent.

Thank you VERY, VERY MUCH Sensei! --- I hope to see you soon!

Jack Taufer - Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Brown in Judo. - Business Consultant

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