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Composed of six one hour volumes on three DVDs, this program will give you many details you have never seen before, including how to throw or finish anyone using only the very minimum force. Judo practice has changed over the last fifty years greatly. Iizumi Sensei has been training in Judo for over 71 years. Let his experience guide you and help you to understand the original intent of the founder to practice Judo with "maximum efficency" and "mutual benefit".

Training with these DVDs, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to unbalance any man, regardless of size. Also included is how to use combinations of throws that will confuse and suprise your opponent. Most series of instruction give you the techniques but few illustrate the key points or details.

Iizumi Sensei has given these details to preserve and ensure the future of what he learned for generations of Judo practitioners to come.

Each DVD is roughly two hours in length and covers a variety of techniques. Every technique is precisely demonstrated, and the details are made clear by Iizumi Sensei, leaving no doubt as to the best way to execute each manuever.

Each technique was filmed from several angles simultaneously which gives us a better composition and feel. The shoot actually was done over a period of more than a year with several major additions and revisions throughout the process. The resulting DVDs that you can buy now are the culmination of Iizumi's lifetime of experience and gives you an opportunity to understand how to practice judo in the most efficent way.

In Iizumi Sensei's SOFT JUDO™ you will learn

Throwing - Over 40 different throwing techniques are demonstrated with never before seen detail, different angles and instruction. From the simplicity of technique we gain our strength - you will find that even the most "difficult" throwing techniques will be made easy to apply. With dedicated practice you can achieve a better understanding of the nature of throwing.

Special attention is given to the sweeping techniques of Judo as Iizumi Sensei feels that they are one of the most often neglected and misunderstood areas of Judo. Opponents are controlled through balance and body movement rather than force and muscular strength. The series teaches you how to use your footwork and timing to disrupt the other man's (or woman's) flow and bring them to the ground. How to draw in and "setup" an adversary to take them out of their comfort zones.

Without the crucial concepts in this series you could be surprised. Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in the ground techniques of Judo. This series gives instruction in how to control and submit an opponent without resorting to force or stalling tactics. Choking techniques from a wide range of positions as well as joint locking techniques are covered in great detail.

This series also gives insight into how to setup a class and what necessary basics must be mastered to insure safe and productive training. Training methods and illustration of principles are commonplace throughout the series.

Testimonials | Buy Soft Judo Now!

This set of three DVD's contains more than 6 hours of technique demonstrations including throws, chokes, armlocks, and pins with explanations, different camera angles, and slow motion. There are sections pointing out the differences between similar techniques, and there are many combinations and counters included. The DVD series provides an excellent reference for the beginning student, as well as plenty of material for more advanced students. You can easily see why Jin Iizumi is considered truly legendary.


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During last few days I had a chance to watch the “Legendary Soft Judo” CD’s by Sensei Jin Iizumi, that I had a chance to meet several months ago during my practice at Chula Vista, CA. I have been involved with practicing Judo for 37 years, my rank is 5 th Dan, and I was competing Internationally and also teaching Judo for last 20 years. I had also chance to learn old principals of Judo while practicing for few years with the best Judo masters at Tokyo Kodokan. It was my pleasure to meet one of them, Iizumi Sensei, here in San Diego. I recommend to everyone to watch the DVD set, then Join Iizumi sensei during practice to experience the old school of Judo (Soft Way) with one of the legendary Masters.

The “Legendary Soft Judo” DVD set is one of the best comprehensive collection of Judo instructions, the six volumes cover majority of techniques recognized under the traditional Kodokan program. These are good for students at every level of experience, they cover full spectrum of Judo throws and grappling. Program starts with basics principals shown in DVD #1 Volume 1, navigating you through details of variety of throws including advanced techniques, combinations and floor techniques (Ne waza) shown in DVD #3 Volume 5 & 6. Iizumi sensei and his team scrutinized to the very detail each major section of traditional Judo including standing position techniques; hand, hip, foot, counters, combinations, and variety of techniques that you may apply when forced down to the floor. Outside of the presented technical aspects the program will give you also a chance to learn proper name of each technique with right Japanese pronunciation and English translation.

Sensei Iizumi and his fellow Instructors and students did a superb job presenting step-by-step details of each throw. I enjoyed viewing the same technique from different angles, kind of 360º view that you will never find at any book. In addition to that the slow motion pictures give you time to observe the details of opponent unbalance, entry, and execution of throw. I wish I could have access to such material at time when I started my Judo practice. It was impressive to watch part of video at which sensei Iizumi demonstrate the techniques on the partner that is about three times of his size, it clearly showing how effortlessly it can be done if one apply the proper fundamentals of balance body movement and timing. For these who did not start Judo practice yet but want to be involved, you can watch real classes as each video include a section showing teaching session and part of seminars given by sensei Iizumi. You can clearly see the effort that sensei Iizumi takes to teach you basics of falling that assure safety in initial phase of practice. For these who already started study the principals of Judo DVDs will give a complete source of information that you can apply to either recreational study or competitive career. Overall when you watch the DVDs you can enjoy the gentle and welcoming personality of Iizumi sensei.

Thank you Master Iizumi

Dr. Zbigniew Piec - 5th Dan Judo Black Belt

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