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The secrets of effortless skill in grappling are revealedin this comprehensive, in-depth course taught by SOFT JUDO™ developer, Jin Iizumi.

Master Iizumi began practicing Judo in Japan over 60 years ago. He trained and taught directly under the guidance of two of the greatest Judo masters of all time, Kyuzo Mifune and Sumiyuki Kotani, both of whom were students of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo. At age 78, Master Iizumi still practices every day.

LEGENDARY SOFT JUDO™ shows how all the techniques of Judo can be done effortlessly, with the proper use of balance, timing, positioning and body movement.

Watching Master Iizumi in action, you will see clearly that size and strength are not the determining factors in success.
Don’t miss this chance to study these skills with the guidance of Master Iizumi.

The DVD series includes the following skills -

Ashi Waza (Foot Techniques)
Koshi Waza (Hip Techniques)
Te Waza (Hand Techniques),
Kaeshi Waza (Counters)
Renraku Waza (Combinations),
Katame Waza (Pins),
Kansetsu Waza (Joint Locking Techniques),
and Shime Waza (Choking Techniques)
are all shown in detail...

Also, you’ll learn proper Judo Ukemi (Falling Techniques) which will save you from many serious injuries. Legendary SOFT JUDO™ breaks down the techniques step by step and shows you exactly how they are intended to be done, stressing the key points so you will remember them in the future. This is Iizumi’s legacy- preserving the essence of Judo for generations to come